About Us
Weird Orbits is a weekly web comic series that releases a new page every Friday. At Weird Orbits we aim to entertain and surprise you by mixing every genre and every assumption, with a cast as big as your imagination and a story that will defy every expectation. With each new issue you’ll be taken on an exciting adventure that will astound you with it’s creativity and endless supply of twists and turns. We could tell you more about it, but why spoil the fun? Better to just start reading and immerse yourself in the crazy world of Weird Orbits. Hang on to your coattails though, cause it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Words by T J Adams
T J has worked several jobs over the years and has studied all things media and word related at university. He’s written for various publications in differing capacities and he's even had a few scripts performed by actors to varying degrees of success. He’s lived on two continents, speaks a bit of this and a bit of that and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his partner and a very dominant cat. Apart from his partner, writing has been the only constant in his life, well that and horror movies. He loves horror movies. You can read his personal blog and review site, which he admits he updates somewhat irregularly, at thisrandombrain.

Drawings by Lena Pflüger
Lena works as a freelance illustrator and spends most of her days at a messy desk in a cozy little home studio in Alexandria USA. Aside from Weird Orbits she also works on children’s books, posters and various sketch projects. Lena loves drawing strange creatures and handlettering. She also drinks a lot of tea (and we mean A LOT of tea) and can occasionally be found wandering the frozen landscapes of Norway and other locales snapping up photos to use as inspiration for her artwork. For more information on Lena, or to have a look at her non-Weird Orbits work, check out her portfolio or her sketch blog on tumblr.