Issue 1 complete! Now for Issue 2!

We did it! We made it to the end of Weird Orbits’ very first issue! We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. It was a long road from when we began this collaboration to where we’re at and now that we’ve reached this point we couldn’t be more proud. Although we do feel bad about all those innocent lives we took, but what’s a good origin story without a few deaths along the way? But let’s not get bogged down on what you can see and read for yourselves. Instead let’s focus on other things, like what’s been going on in the world around our little webcomic, and what’s next in store for us and you at Weird Orbits.

First off, coming soon you’ll notice that our website will have some little cosmetic changes. Like the ability to choose which issue you want read. Although when you type Weird Orbits into your web browser it’ll still load the most recent page. Also, our header image will change. You may have observed that we had two images in rotation. With the start of each issue we’re going to place another one in the rotation. For those that are paying attention you may have noticed that we’ve already uploaded a new one with that smarmy and untrustworthy RX-387E taking centre stage in preparation for issue 2. More will come with each new issue being released, but we’ll talk about those and who gets a spotlight shone on them as they happen.

Speaking of issue 2, Follow The Cops Back Home, like we already said in our last blog post, will introduce you to our next set of characters. Not sure how much you really want us to spoil, but in the nature of good sportsmanship all we’ll say is that the location, the tone and the genre are very different from Trust In Me. But you already know that if you read our last blog post welcoming you to Weird Orbits. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it when we launch in a week’s time. For those that want to know what happens next to Yochi, don’t worry, he’ll be back for issue 3 and there’s going to be some interesting developments coming out of that issue. But we’re keeping very hush hush about that one for now…

Life outside of the internet has seen some new developments for us. Those following us on Twitter or  Facebook may already know this, but we took part in an art showing at Breidenbach Studios in Heidelberg. Weird Orbits was there as just one example of Lena’s work and we were very happy with how it turned out. We got some new fans and received great feedback on what we’ve accomplished so far. It also gave us an excuse to debut our fancy new business cards with our website and logo on one side, and one of our favourite panels on the back. The one with RX-387E being hit square between the eyes with one of Mahaway’s arrows. THWUNK!

Beccy's Robot Queen

We also celebrated a birthday, with TJ becoming one year older and not much wiser. A cake was made that featured our logo and yes, we ate the whole thing. Remember when we said not much wiser? We also saw our first reimagining artwork by a fan and a friend. Beccy Sanderson drew a fantastic picture depicting our very own Robot Queen in her own style and we couldn’t be more happier. That’s one thing we very much want from Weird Orbits, to use our webcomic to promote creativity and art in others. And also to promote the work that others are already doing. Again, if you follow us on Twitter you may have seen us posting about crowdfunded projects and other webcomic work from some of our peers and in the future we hope to be doing more of that kind of thing.

Overall it’s been a fantastic first step for us into the world of comics and webcomics. Making Weird Orbits has been one the most challenging and rewarding undertakings for us and we hope that you’ll find where we’re going to be just as fun and interesting as where we’ve been. But all this is sounding like we’ve been around for ages (sometimes it does feel that way with all the work we put into this before our first page went live), so before we get too self-congratulatory, we’re still a baby in this world after all, we’re going to keep one eye always looking forward. And as we get older and the universe we’re creating in real life and in the pages of Weird Orbits grows larger, we’re keeping one thing in mind – you never know what the future may bring.