Lena goes to SPX

As my first ever con in the US Small Press Expo was certainly a great start!
It’s a big hall filled with amazing artists and beautiful comics and books. It felt like all the creators I follow online were there. Unfortunately going to panels and trying to look at every single booth meant that I didn’t manage to cover the entire floor in one day, but I still got a lot done. I picked up limited editions, signed comics, stickers, mini comics, anthologies and monster pamphlets. I got to talk Kamen Rider with the awesome Jamie Noguchi of Yellow Peril. I collected business cards left right and centre and told everybody that their art was printed beautifully, because I am a print nerd.
SPX is the best and next time I’ll make sure to be there on both days. Also, I really wish I’d taken a photo of the astonishingly detailed carpet. Seriously, if you ever go to SPX, check out the carpet. It looks like it was designed by Gustav Klimt.