Welcome to Weird Orbits

Here we are. Right in the middle of Weird Orbits’ very first issue. A double issue to be more exact. Somewhere between introductions, the requisite set up and just before everything comes to a head. It’s not a bad place to be. Some would even call it comfy. Maybe not our characters though. There seems to be something brewing there, but we’re going to put their fictional feelings aside for a minute, cause we’re here to say hello to you. And there’s no better place we can think of than right here and right now to welcome you to our little webcomic called Weird Orbits.

When we first started toying around with the idea to create Weird Orbits we started with a simple enough thought process. The idea was to create something that we would love to read ourselves. Something sprawling and interconnecting and full of all those tropes and archetypes found everywhere in stories, but then use those tools to create something a little different from the norm. We aren’t quite there yet, but as we publish more and more issues you’ll definitely see what we mean. We can’t say too much, because #spoilers… But if you’re patient and read along with us, we have all the faith in the world that you’ll catch on and maybe even start to see our Monday publishing schedule with anticipation and excitement.

You might say, ‘But hasn’t Weird Orbits been a fairly straight forward narrative so far?’ And to that you’d be right. We’ve started our characters on a simple journey. One that seems fairly contained and normalish as far as origin stories go, but you don’t know what we know. When we start up again for issue Trust in Me 1.2 (which is coming very very soon…) you’ll start to see things become a little more interesting. And by the end you’ll know exactly who the real protagonist of this tale is, for now. At the moment it could be anyone… Or anything… Robots are a thing, right?

And that leads us to the last point we want to make to you boys and girls out there reading this. We don’t want you thinking this is a traditional story. We don’t want you thinking that this is a story about a small village in the middle of a jungle meeting robots for the first time. Sure that’s where our story begins, but that’s definitely not where it’s going. You see, we’re big fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror, superheroes… All that good stuff that genre writing can give. And we want to offer all of these things to you and more in just one place. So as we publish more issues you’ll find our story growing from this small almost intimate tale of Yochi, Mahaway and Ichik, RX and the Robot Queen, the village Elders and what they’re all up to, and into a much larger and complete universe. We don’t want to give anything away, but what we can tell you is that we have a lot more issues written, even more planned. And as a little treat just for you guys reading this (or tease depending on your view), issue 2 will be called Follow the Cops Back Home and will introduce you to a new set of characters who are drastically different from the first set. All before coming back to our first story for issue 3 and then going off to somewhere different again for issue 4. But that’s all you’ll get from us about the future of Weird Orbits.

We guess now we’ve said hello and welcomed you to our little corner of the internet, all that’s left to do is simply say to you… Sit down, settle in and we hope you enjoy your time in our wacky, surprising and sometimes insane world that we like to call Weird Orbits.