With introductions over it's time for the Good Stuff!

Weird Orbits issue 2 Follow the Cops Back Home is now complete and we hope that you enjoyed reading about the O.R.T. team on the massive space station Anousheh. The next time we check in on them will be a much grander affair. A mission to a far away research facility and a distress signal… Firefights and massive action set pieces… We’ll say no more than that, but trust us when we say with the introductions out of the way it’s time to see these soldiers in action.

Coming up in Weird Orbits’ third issue we’ll be heading back down to poor Yochi’s village for the aftermath of his first encounter with those homicidal robots. It didn’t end quite as Mahaway would have liked, but what could you expect from such a horrible little machine like RX-387E and a Queen who clearly has an agenda. Don’t expect a quick comeuppance though, as we have a feeling Yochi’s going to face some other trials before he gets the chance to exact any kind of revenge. Besides, he’s not really the hero type, is he? More a happless innocent just floating along through life.

However, before any of that makes it onto the interwebs we’re going to take a short break from the main comic. We’ll be back in the new year for issue 3 (keep following our Twitter and Facebook feeds for when that is exactly), but before that we’re going to try something new. Instead of just taking a few weeks off and leaving you all alone in this vast universe with no Weird Orbits to keep you company, we’re starting what we like to think of as our stripped down one shots. Short, to the point, black and white comics of a few pages, featuring upcoming characters and some you’ve already met. Our first will begin next week at our usual Friday update time with the main character of issue 4. Try to guess which character it is! It’s going to be something completely different from what we’ve given you so far and damn fun to read. Well we think so anyway. But that’s all the information you’re getting from us at Weird Orbits headquarters. So until then fair reader…