Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

As 2016 enters its death throws (thank the Gods...) we look to 2017 with the sparkle of hope in our eyes and a skip in our step, cause we're very proud to announce that Weird Orbits is back!

As of Monday the 2nd of January and continuing every second Monday Weird Orbits will once again be posting regular updates. So once you've had enough celebrating this weekend there'll be a brand new shiny page of Weird Orbits all ready to read. Just perfect for that hungover Monday that you're trying to avoid, but you know is coming...

Come back to Weird Orbits and join our sometimes wacky, sometimes deathly serious, but always weird webcomic (I see what you did there...). We've got some good stuff coming up. There's the ongoing tragic/surreal tale of Yochi and the robots, Gods, and talking Jaguars. Then there's the totally cray adventures in space of the O.R.T corps. And then a new tale is starting soon with Issue 4, but we can't say anything about that one til it begins. Just know it's going to be completely out of left field and not what you'd expect from us. We're such teases.

We hope you're having a great holiday season, you have an even better New Year and most importantly, a big and hearty thank you from all of us here at Weird Orbits for sticking with us through some interesting times in 2016. We're about to walk into 2017 like a motherf*cking boss and we're so happy you stuck with us cause...


(PS We gots some cool stuff lined up to post over the next few days too, so look out 2017! We coming for you!)