Now Returning to our Regularly Scheduled Program

Howdy folks,

To become a little more transparent and open I thought I would write a little something to let you all know just what happened and why Weird Orbits stopped posting updates recently. If you didn't guess from our last post, Lena had a baby! They are both doing well and once Lena has recuperated and is at 100% pages will start coming back in. We can't give you a hard date of when that will be, but rest assured you'll know when the time comes. Just keep a watch on either our Facebook page or our Twitter feed and you'll be well in the know.

In other more hospitally news, I suffered from a bit of a medical emergency a few weeks ago that kept me from working on Weird Orbits. Our plan was that I would take over posting duties while Lena rested and welcomed the little one, but unfortunately that plan was kyboshed when I developed an infection in my right cornea and it basically blinded me for a bit. It was quite the scare and took a bit to recover from. I'm much better now and can actually see again. (Just in time for all those tasty trailers coming out of SDCC. Did you see that second Dr Strange..? Wow!) There's still a tiny millimetre scar and my vision is slightly blurry in the one eye, but I've been reassured that over time that should gradually fade.

Now to what this means for you - with myself back in fighting fit form you should get some random posts appearing here. I say random cause who knows what I have to write about? I certainly don't! And shortly after, once Lena's up for it that is, you'll get to know what happens to Yochi. He'd only just met the Jaguar when we had to shut up shop. We're a little unsure if that Jaguar is friend or foe, but only time and more pages will tell...

So for now, thanks for sticking with us through some interesting times and rest assured we will be back bigger and better than ever. If you only knew what's coming in Issue 4... Crazy times are definitely ahead at Weird Orbits!

- TJ