Issue 4 Incoming!!!

Howdy everyone!

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TJ here with our regular between issue update.

How did you all like Issue 3 of Weird Orbits Homecoming? Poor Yochi just can't seem to catch a break, can he? First his family and his whole village gets destroyed by a bunch of homicidal robots, and now the Gods seem to be toying with him. Wonder what their endgame is all about... And then there's whoever or whatever is at the end of those pointy sticks. What's that old saying? Out of the frypan and into the fire? I think by now Yochi's not just in the fire, but rolling around in the red hot coals.

But enough about Yochi. We'll catch up with him again in Issue 5 and maybe we'll get some answers to a few lingering questions. But as always with Yochi, nothing will be straight forward or what it seems.

Right now Lena and I are prepping Issue 4 of Weird Orbits, Formelhaupt B. A quick google search of that title will tell you about where we're headed for Issue 4. In our first 3 issues we've taken you to the stars where we met the O.R.T. for the first time; we've gone into the jungle on a strange adventure and even introduced you to a God or two. But now Weird Orbits is going to dip it's toes into one of TJ's favourite genres... Horror! And not just that, we're going to introduce you to a brand new character as well! This one might be new to the Weird Orbits universe, but we have a feeling they'll pop up again. Unless they don't make it out alive... Dun Dun DUUUUUNNNNNN!!!


We've also started work on creating some official merchandise for our first ever con appearance. If you haven't heard, we have somehow been allowed to have a table at the Baltimore Comic Con! So we've buckled down to, not just bring you Issue 4 of Weird Orbits, but also give some of you lucky readers the chance to meet Lena and buy some goodies. Pretty sure we'll have some con exclusives as well! Rest assured as the time draws nearer you'll be hearing a lot more about that. It is our first con after all...

So stay connected to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news of Baltimore and how you can get your hands on some of your very own Weird Orbits gear and also for news of our next wild ride. Issue 4 comes with a warning though, expect a few more litres of blood than usual in Formelhaupt B (this one definitely isn't for the kids), coming to you very very soon right here at!