Formelhaupt B - 12

page 12.jpg

Edit: here's the finished page. I'm leaving the original post and picture of the pencils below, in case anybody enjoys seeing the process. 
The month without babysitter continues. This morning I walked my toddler out into the cold, bundled up nice and warm. Only problem - she wasn't wearing any shoes.

I apologise for the unannounced posting break in recent weeks - there has been a lot of Life Stuff happening recently, and it kind of got the better of me. I'm almost back on track, but we have no babysitter this month, so this week's page is delayed until next week.
For now here's a little sneak preview of my pencils on the light table. 

Formelhaupt B - 06

page 06.jpg

Edited to add: I apologise for the late page! I saved it in drafts all ready to post on Monday, and then crazy travel stress and not even knowing what day it is just made me completely forget!  I guess I do better posting things at the very last minute o.O

I decided to go super old school for this issue - apart from some small photoshop tweaks and the odd overlay it´s all pencils, light box and ink. It´s been really fun to work more losely, and to let mistakes/accidents stand.